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Crystal Childcare aims to meet the diverse and complex needs of each child as an individual. We work with children in a holistic way creating a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment in which individual learning can take place.

We believe the promotion of confidence and self esteem empowers children to learn. Praise and encouragement needs to be given. All areas of development, physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and spiritual are interwoven and are equally important.Children learn and develop at different rates; we endeavour to identify children’s individual abilities, built on their unique experiences, and encourage independence, skills and confidence in a sensitive environment which fosters a sense of belonging for both child and family.

‘Creating a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child to learn and develop’

Crystal Childcare Ltd firmly believes that parent/carers significantly influence their child’s learning it is important to promote an atmosphere in which parent/carers feel welcome, relaxed, comfortable and reassured. Effective learning can only take place in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. It is essential that the care the child receives in the nursery complements the care received at home.

Crystal childcare believe children should be taught indirectly for most of the day in a well planned, rich environment which encourages personal and physical space and enhances a child’s self esteem.

Crystal Childcare employ staff who demonstrate a genuine interest and sensitive approach towards children. We believe the atmosphere of teamwork created in the company, the promotion of continuous professional development and the recognition and support of our highly skilled staff team is vital to maintain consistent reflective and quality care to the children and families who attend our establishments.

We have a policy of learning through play and combine care with education. It is our belief children learn best when their culture, language and gender are valued and where individual needs and abilities are recognised – it is vital that adults caring for children challenge stereotyping.

A happy, safe, secure &
stimulating environment

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Sophie, Manager We are a 30 place Day Nursery in Sydenham, SE26.



Donna, Manager We are a 26 place Day Nursery in Upper Norwood,...
Lara Duffy, manager



Lara, Manager We are a 59 place day Nursery in Anerley, SE20.