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Partnership with Parents/Carers

Crystal Childcare acknowledges and recognises that parents/carers are the prime educators of their children. Staff must value the role of parents/carers in their children’s learning. We are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers.

The nurseries provide an atmosphere in which parents/carers feel relaxed, comfortable and reassured, where a genuine partnership can begin. Children’s previous experience at home and in wider community should be recognised and used as a starting point in planning.

‘A genuine partnership is built based on mutual respect and trust and is developed and fostered’

In order for children to develop effective learning it is vital that a genuine partnership is built based on mutual respect and trust and is developed and fostered throughout the child’s time at the nursery. Parents should be well informed about the running of the nursery and be welcomed as observers and contributors to the service.


How we preserve our partnership with parents and carers

The list below shows the key foundations upon which our partnerships with parents are developed

  • Parents/carers are actively encouraged to make a pre-entry visit to the nursery.
  • An admission meeting – this is where time is set aside to share and gather information about the child/family and our nursery setting. Parents are given a prospectus and are informed of our relevant policies (see policies).
  • A settling in process – this is discussed and designed around the needs of the individual child and family.
  • The ‘key-carer’ system – Parents, carers and children name a worker within the nursery who takes a particular interest in their child and their individual needs. This will allow opportunities for informal reporting to parents/carers during day to day contact and encourage two way communications. This key worker will be responsible for the educational care package designed for their key child/children.
  • Other methods of communication between the parents/carers and the nursery – comments, a message book and a communication book
  • Children’s work and photographs should be attractively displayed with captions explaining the learning gained from the nursery activities and experiences.
  • Parental participation – we welcome parental involvement in the planning of activities and themes. It is vital to utilise parental skills, knowledge, experience and expertise from many different backgrounds.
  • Record of achievement – we offer an open and accessible record of achievement for each child, as well as providing formal, verbal and written information for parents of their child’s development on the whole.
  • Regular newsletters – to showcase the changes to the nursery or great child achievement.
  • The website – parents can access the website from home to give them up to date information on staffing, curriculum, themes and other events.
  • Open evenings – these are held twice a year and are an opportunity for parents to; meet with their key worker to discuss their child’s progress, contribute to their child’s individual learning/education plan and to discuss any concerns (parents’ views are warmly welcomed). Of course, open evenings also act as an occasion for socialising with the nursery staff and other parents.

An attractive, up to date notice board for all parents which will display details of:

  • Staff rotas and qualifications
  • Registration and inspection document
  • Insurance certificate
  • Ofsted inspection report
  • Comments and complaints procedure
  • Relevant policies e.g. E.O.P. – Nursery events and news
  • Topic
  • Theme web
  • Planning sheets
  • Menus


The above list is not an exhaustive list but we believe is a foundation upon which partnership with parents is developed.

Reviewed and updated June 10.

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